Trackside Loop Feed Box
Northern line control desk
S Stock in platform
09TS in build

SCoRES and Tour of West Ashfield Station


A visit to Ashfield House, to see the new SCoRES facility and a tour of West Ashfield Station.

SCoRES is the name of the new Service Control training simulator developed in-house by TfL Central Engineering for London Underground. It combines TfL’s existing Railway Engineering Simulator and Trackernet products to provide a virtual world in which prospective Service Controllers are put through their paces in a realistic and challenging learning experience.

West Ashfield station is a mock-up London Underground District line station used by TfL for training staff. As well as a platform, train and all the other items usually found in a station it includes a Signaller training facility known as The Model Railway Room.

Wednesday, 29 May 2019 - 1:30pm